Phoenix Sylvestris



A.k.a. Silver Date Palm, Toddy Palm, Wild Date Palm, India Date Palm

The Phoenix Sylvestris is one of three Phoenix variety cold hardy palms grown at Suwannee River Palms. The Sylvestris is a large palm growing to heights of 45′. Crown is comprised of up to 100 leaves with a crown width in excess of 30′ at maturity. The leaves are blue green and covered with large spines.



The toddy common name derives from fermenting the sap into an alcoholic drink, hence the “toddy” palm. The Phoenix Sylvestris does not sucker like the Phoenix Dactylifera.




  • Height: 40′
  • Minimum Temperature: no damage reported to 22 degrees F
  • USDA Temperature: Zone: 9A – 11
  • Growth Rate: Slow, less than 1′ / year
  • Water Requirements: High, performs best with scheduled irrigation
  • Sun Requirements: High
  • Origin: India